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Hot July Deals & Mystery Sales

Special Offers

Summer is heating up — and so are the great savings at Willow Greenhouse. If your landscape still needs some final touches, now is the time to score some great plants at stellar prices.

Now through August 2, our entire inventory (except for honey) is 25% off. Plus, starting July 6, we’re going to reveal a weekly mystery sale featuring 40% off our favorite plants. The mystery sale prices will be good for one week, starting Monday and ending Sunday.

Week 1: 40% off all evergreens! Save big on arborvitae , boxwood, yews and more now through Sunday, July 12.!

Week 2: 40% off all butterfly bushes! Attract those beautiful pollinators to your yard now through Sunday, July 19.

Week 3: 40% off all hydrangeas! Beautiful varieties that produce stunning flowers.

Week 4: 40% off all hostas! These classic perennials with lush foliage add character all season long. On sale now through Sunday, August 2!

Join the Dirty Glove Club to be among the first to discover each week’s mystery sale plant.

See you at Willow!

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