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Mums, Fresh Produce and More at Willow Greenhouse

As much as we all love the bounty that comes with spring and summer, there’s something especially magical about autumn in Michigan. From the changing of the leaves to a crispness in the air, this season delivers a lot of beauty and flavor — and we have both at Willow Greenhouse!

Now Offering Fresh Produce

Grown by a local farmer less than five miles away from the greenhouse, the quality is unbelievable and will be the perfect accompaniment to your next meal.

  • Tomatoes: slicing and canning (bushel pricing available)
  • Fresh sweet corn
  • Eggplant
  • Peppers
  • Melons

Fall Blooms and Decor

Show off your love of autumn with some beautiful fall flowers, accent plants, and more!

  • Mums of varying colors and sizes
  • Custom fall porch pots
  • All the best fall plants for your accent gardens, including Asters, Celosia, Pansies, Ornamental Cabbage and Kale, and Ornamental Millet
  • Fall Porch Kit: 9” mum, cornstalk bundle, ½ bale of straw and pumpkin for $25
  • Fall decorations: Straw, pumpkins, cornstalks

Indoor Plants for Any Home

Willow Greenhouse will begin carrying a wide assortment of houseplants starting in September! Add something green to your home office or study.

Landscaping Services

Willow Greenhouse will continue offering full landscape services through the end of the year. We can design, install, and maintain — whatever you need! Our experienced landscape crew can help your gardens grow.

Customers Love The Willow Way
We visited Willow Greenhouse to look for plants to redo our front yard landscaping, and we enjoyed every minute of our visit! We received outstanding help and advice from the team there. The selection and prices are excellent too! I would highly recommend Willow Greenhouse for any plant or landscaping needs! Ellen Morita
I love this place! My kids love it too. They love the chickens and the cats and I love the great plants and quality products they sell. The best part of Willow Greenhouse is the knowledgeable staff. They’ve been so helpful in helping this amateur gardener navigate the world of plants. They recommended a great way, non-toxic, to control my pest issues. They are awesome!! Peter Kyle
Really fantastic place! Great to see them grow both plants and as a business. We bought numerous plants for our house and yard recently. We even got a native Michigan prickly pear cactus. Most importantly though, they helped us pick out beautiful butterfly bushes, elderberries, and brandy wine bushes that we will be using in our wedding and plant shortly after. I highly recommend this place to growers and gardeners of all ages and skill level. Alexander Moroz
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You’ll Wet Your Plants

At Willow Greenhouse we want you to have a successful and fulfilling experience, which is why we offer a variety of garden friendly options and activities.

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