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Wholesale Plant Nursery Supplies in Southeast Michigan

Wholesale Landscaping Supplier in Northville | Willow Greenhouse - wholesale

Get Wholesale Pricing on Our Nursery Stock Landscaping Supplies for Contractors & Garden Centers

At Willow Greenhouse in Northville, MI, we can provide you with the best selection of landscape supplies at wholesale prices. Our on-site nursery allows you to hand-select each product, ensuring you leave knowing exactly what you're purchasing.

We offer a wide selection of quality plant landscaping products. Choose from our full line of the following plants:

  • Trees include deciduous, evergreens, ornamentals, and specimen trees.
  • Shrubs include flowering, evergreen, and woody ornamentals.
  • Perennials include popular cultivars as well as hard-to-find varieties.
  • Annuals include a large selection of popular varieties and ground covers.
  • Fall bulbs and more!

Perfect for a whole-garden refresh and ideal for landscaping professionals, our wholesale stock can provide the bulk plant life you need for your next project.

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Local Greenhouse & Nursery Company in Northville MI | Willow Greenhouse

Find Landscape and Garden Supplies for Your Next Professional Landscape Project

At Willow Greenhouse, we know how to outfit mid-Michigan properties with the greenery they need to pop and entertain.

We provide wholesale nursery plants and seedlings pricing to:

  • Conversation districts
  • Garden centers
  • Nursery brokers
  • Professional landscapers and contractors
  • Lawn maintenance services
  • Home builders and contractors
  • Environmental companies and more!

Don't pay full price from your nearest big-box garden shop. Stop by Willow Greenhouse instead and let our knowledgeable and reliable staff load you up with healthy bulk vegetation at wholesale prices for all your landscaping projects.

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With a few clicks of your green thumb, see how Willow Greenhouse can help with your next gardening or landscaping project

View Our Wholesale Plan<br>Price List
View Our Wholesale Plan
Price List

There's no need to break the bank when it comes to purchasing all your garden necessities. We are here to bring you quality products at affordable wholesale prices—guaranteeing customer satisfaction.
See Wholesale Plant Availability
See Wholesale Plant Availability

Our team is dedicated to stocking our greenhouse with the highest quality products for you to choose from. Whether you need rare flowers or larger-scale trees, Willow Greenhouse has it all.
Get Started Today with<br>Willow Greenhouse!
Get Started Today with
Willow Greenhouse!

Our helpful team of horticulture experts will properly estimate the vegetation needed to satisfy the job at hand. We offer competitive rates for wholesale orders that are sure to save your budget.
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