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This August: We design. We install. You save big!

Now that things are quieting down at the greenhouse, we’re offering our landscape design and installation services to our wonderful customers — in addition to some amazing savings!

Laurie, our perennial and shrub manager, is available for design consultations. Have a problem bed where nothing grows? Need help creating a new flower garden? Just need some advice from an experienced gardener? Laurie can help! And, to bring Laurie’s designs to life, our crew will be available to install her amazing designs.

Design Services

Laurie has more than two decades of experience, having worked 15 years at Plymouth Nursery before joining the Willow family. She also studied landscape design and did post-graduate horticulture studies at Michigan State University.

  • One-hour consultations, including a quick sketch, are only $75!
  • Call Willow Greenhouse (248-437-7219) to schedule your appointment with Laurie.
  • Appointments are available Mondays and Tuesdays only, available through 8/25
  • Customers will need to bring pictures of the proposed or existing garden along with dimensions and sunlight conditions.

Garden Installations

  • Installation crew will work weekends only.
  • Installations are on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • The installation price will be based on a per-plant planted price.
  • Jobs done outside of the plant installs will be done by the hour.
  • 25% deposit needed to reserve your spot.
  • If you use Laurie to design your garden, we’ll deduct the $75 design fee from the installation costs.

Tree Installation

  • Our tree installation prices are based on the size of the tree, ranging $75 – $200 plus the cost of the tree. For example, a 10ft+ Red Sunset Maple total cost with installation: $300. A multi-stem River Birch total cost with installation: $400.
  • We can only install what we have in stock currently.

*Sale ends August 31. Excludes honey and fall plants.

Customers Love The Willow Way
We visited Willow Greenhouse to look for plants to redo our front yard landscaping, and we enjoyed every minute of our visit! We received outstanding help and advice from the team there. The selection and prices are excellent too! I would highly recommend Willow Greenhouse for any plant or landscaping needs! Ellen Morita
I love this place! My kids love it too. They love the chickens and the cats and I love the great plants and quality products they sell. The best part of Willow Greenhouse is the knowledgeable staff. They’ve been so helpful in helping this amateur gardener navigate the world of plants. They recommended a great way, non-toxic, to control my pest issues. They are awesome!! Peter Kyle
Really fantastic place! Great to see them grow both plants and as a business. We bought numerous plants for our house and yard recently. We even got a native Michigan prickly pear cactus. Most importantly though, they helped us pick out beautiful butterfly bushes, elderberries, and brandy wine bushes that we will be using in our wedding and plant shortly after. I highly recommend this place to growers and gardeners of all ages and skill level. Alexander Moroz
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You’ll Wet Your Plants

At Willow Greenhouse we want you to have a successful and fulfilling experience, which is why we offer a variety of garden friendly options and activities.

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